IT Disposal

The ecology of our planet is in the hands of how people dispose of their computers. Often one notices that people do not hesitate to dump their outdated computers in garbage disposal bins. Those who are lucky enough to have a landfill near their residence do not give a second thought to dispose of their PCs in those landfills. It seems nobody knows what happens behind the scenes when they do such an act. Their computer consists of non bio degradable parts. If this is not enough, the electronic circuit boards inside the computer contain a decent proportion of precious metals such as silver and gold as well as heavy metals like zinc, mercury, cadmium, and palladium. These parts slowly oxidise and their salts permeate into the earth, poisoning the sub soil. From there the toxic metallic salts find their way into trees and plants via their roots, and poison them.

Water contamination too

Apart from this, if the landfill is located near a water body, the toxic chemicals find their way into the water bodies too, poisoning the water in the process. When aquatic life like fishes drinks the water, they suffer from poisoning too. Can you imagine the poison you are exposing yourself too when you cook and eat the meat of these fishes or the fruits or vegetables of those plants? You can easily solve these problems and make the ecology future for your next generation by depending on IT disposal method for disposing of your disposable computers. Go through the manual that shipped with your computer. Most reputed brands have a special IT disposal program, which you can avail of for safe IT disposal. Contact them and provide them with details such as the number of computers you want to dispose along with their brand name and model. They will send you self addressed cartons in which you can pack your outdated computers and send it to them. If your computer vendor does not have such a system in place, search the net for IT disposal units near your location: you will find details of many companies who will pick up your old computers free of cost.

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The final step

Once the old computers reached the IT disposal plants, they separate the different parts such as plastic body, screen, and electronic parts. They then melt the plastic and sell it to companies that specialise in manufacturing computer cases. The retrieve the metal parts from the circuit boards after removing the electronic components from it, and refine it to get pure silver, gold, and other metals mentioned above and sell it, along with the working electronic components to companies that specialise in manufacturing circuit boards, and other types of electronic boards. Not only do you prevent poisoning of the land and water bodies, you also help conserve the limited quantities of precious metals that have yet to be mined. Take a positive step today, prevent the spread of toxic chemicals through plants and fishes, and conserve the ecology of the planet through planned IT disposal.